I gasped–literally gasped–when I came across this collection of totally outrageous cell phone cases. Pop culture junkies? Get get ready to click add to cart at Society 6.

replaceface celebrity iPhone and galaxy cases at society 6 | cool mom tech


Replaceface gives new meaning to the word “hero,” by taking the faces of an eclectic range of celebrities and cultural idols, and painting them into early 19th century portraits of Russian generals.

Think that’s a Napleonic era war hero? Take a closer look–it could be Bill Murray, David Bowie, Will.I.Am, Brue Lee, Ricky Gervais or even Steve Jobs.

Star Wars fans will appreciate George Lucas in all his medaled glory, and the ladies might prefer Brad Pitt. As for me, think the Frank Zappa portrait takes the cake. 

frank zappa iphone case by replaceface | cool mom tech

As with everything at Society 6, you pick the art and then it can be made into a case for your idevice of choice, or Galaxy S4, as well as laptop and iPad skins.

Because who doesn’t want General Chuck Norris or General Duane (The Rock) Johnson guarding your precious MacBook? I wouldn’t mess with them, personally. –Liz

Find the celebrity portrait cell phone cases from Replaceface online at Society 6. And psst…where are the women? Our readers want to see Grace Jones, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Meryl Streep…the list goes on!