We’re excited to see all the new apps coming out that are optimized just for the new new iOS 7. Including one of the first we’ve tried: this awesome app that’s perfect for those of you in the market for a digital baby monitor.

MobiLinc | CMT | iPad shot

MobiLinc Cam Viewer allows you to link to almost any brand of IP camera–or a digital video cam that you access through the web, like a video baby monitor–via your iOS device. The app was designed with the new features of iOS 7 in mind, so the visuals are stunning and the processing is crazy fast.

MobiLinc has a tutorial video that shows exactly how to connect your video camera to your iOS device. It’s reeeeeally not that hard, trust me.

And with their wifi transfer feature, your other phones or tablets with iOS 7 are automatically set up too. Voila: A direct feed, in stunning HD resolution, of your child’s nursery. 

You can monitor more than one camera at a time, say you’ve got kids in different rooms; set up alerts when noise levels reach a certain volume; and even control your camera’s movement right from your phone, so you can see what’s going on, say when your kid sneaks out of viewing range with that permanent marker in hand.

MobiLink | CMT | iPhone shot

And hey, should you be a nannycam advocate, obviously a MobiLinc cam viewer works for that too. But let’s hope you never need that. –Kate

Download the MobiLinc Cam Viewer baby monitor app for iOS7 for $4.99

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