I’ve been using in-ear headphones more and more for phone calls lately, and I’m finding that what’s good for listening to music isn’t always ideal for chatting. Even if there’s a built in mic. But I’ve really been liking a couple of options from Moshi Audio and here’s why. 

moshi moonrock | cool mom tech

The Moonrock earphones for iPhone or Android are absolutely wonderful for travel, or just dropping in your bag to carry around all day. Really–just drop them in. Because you pop the earbuds into the silicon oval and wrap the cord, keeping it from the dreaded Handbag Headphone Tangle (TM) and still ready to use at a second’s notice.

You can wind the cables around the circumference in the little grooves like you’re supposed to, or like me, be lazy and just wrap it straight around the holder. 

moshi moonrock earbud cord management | cool mom tech

As for the sound, color me impressed; if anything, it took some getting used to for phone calls because the microphone is more sensitive than what I’ve been using. So say you’re lying in bed and the mic rides up closer to your mouth, you’re going to get something of an echo. But when it hangs at the appropriate distance–amazing.

Another bonus is the click button control on the in-line mic to switch between music and calls, or even activate call waiting, though I admit I tend to still use my touch screen for that. 


moshi moonrock | cool mom tech

Plus I’m using them with the smallest earbuds at 11.1 mm (others are 12.3 and 13.6) and they may be the most comfortable I’ve ever used, probably because they’re ensconced in a flexible silicone and not foam or plastic. We’re talking two hour conference calls, no problem.

As a nice little touch, the buds have two different colors in each pair so you can differentiate right from left (though my neophyte ears never really notice any difference). And popping them back in the case the way you do, I have to admit I like knowing that they’re free from the snack crumbs that permanently live in my bag. Yes, I’m a mom.

moshi mythro earbuds | cool mom tech

I also tried out the Mythro earbuds, the newest audio entry from Moshi, and a sweet deal at just $30. The sound is nice as well, with a stronger bass than you’re probably used to getting from less expensive earphones. That’s a plus by the way.

In 5 colors they’re super minimalist, and a great option for tweens or teens who are attached at the ear to their Nanos. You can even click the mic button to activate controls like pause, fast foward, rewind, and call waiting (though evidently some of these functions only work with Apple devices). And a handy little velcro closure wraps up the cord–though that’s nothing like what the Moonrock offers. Which is why my heart stays firmly in Camp Moonrock. –Liz 

Find a variety of affordable headphones and audio equipment online at the Moshi Audio store. 

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