How many times have you wanted to just grab a pen and scribble a note, but instead had to open up your iPhone to use the notepad app which, let’s admit it, took so much longer? Here’s an awesome solution: write it right on your iPhone. Literally. 

iphone sticky note pad | cool mom tech

These iPhone sticky notes are designed to fit perfectly on the back of your iPhone 5–right down to the camera lens hole. Stick one on for brainstorm emergencies or shopping lists, or add a few at a time. I’d imagine it will stick on some cases just fine as well.

Paperback iPhone adhesive notes | cool mom picks

And in case you were wondering (I was) the adhesive covers most of the back of the paper. So it’s not going to flap up and get all wrinkled and fall into your bag never to be seen again. That would kind of defeat the purpose. –Liz

Grab a pack of 80 Paperback adhesive notes for iPhone 5 online at

[h/t uncrate]

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