Forcing my kids to write thank you notes has always been a battle, but now my own Southern mom can rest easy–we’ll be sending out our gratitude on time and in style, thanks to an awesome new app just for kids.

toonia | cmt | beach card

The Toonia Cardcreator app for iOS is super-cute, in the way my six-year-old daughter will love. While my own friends will still be getting e-cards from me via Paperless Post, these animated Toonia e-cards will be a huge hit with the kid set.

toonia | cmt | customizable

The app has four starter templates that are each completely customizable. Your child can add characters or objects, resize them, move them around, and even choose different color schemes for the backgrounds and characters, changing skin color (thank you for that!), facial expressions, poses, and so on. There really are a lot of options to keep them busy before they even think to hit send which is part of what’s so fun for kids. 

It’s almost like Colorforms meets Hallmark; this is definitely not just picking some prefab template and hitting send. 

toonia | cmt | finished card

Of course at the end kids can type in a personalized note and as a really nice touch, sign it in their own adorable handwriting then email it directly from the app. What a great way to get our kids to think about others, even if they’re really only thinking about whether the ice cream-eating elephant should be on the top of the birthday cake or next to it.  –Kate

Toonia Cardcreator is available for $.99 for iOS devices.