School fundraisers are increasingly necessary these days with so many funding cuts, but we all know that even as kids are out shilling candy and wrapping paper, it’s their parents end up doing most of the work. So I’m excited to find this very innovative idea that just may help get the class that much closer to their trip to DC.

Edited to add: This service is no longer available but for a similar crowdfunding photo site, please check out Foto Fund

There’s always that one parent with the amazing camera, the one you beg to send you her pictures from your kid’s ballet recital, soccer game, or school play, right? Well, now your school or club can make money off the unofficial class photographers sharing pictures this way.

Essentially, you share pictures through PhotFund, and your non-profit organization gets paid.

Here’s how it works: Your school or club sets up a sharing page on PhotoFund. Parents upload pictures from field trips, games, clubs, and events and then you (securely) share the photos with the class or club. Also, share them with the grandparents and aunts and uncles who might just want that photo of your kid in the dunk tank at the school carnival.

Buy the digital files for download. Then you use or print them however you’d like. If you want to add a school logo, you can do that, too. Then you can check back to your school’s page to track which classes or clubs are selling the most photos, and how much money you’re raising throughout the year.

(And if all this sounds like too much work, they’ll manage it for you–for a small fee.)

PhotoFund | Cool Mom Tech | chart page

This isn’t going to be for everyone; buying the photo files isn’t necessarily cheap, and people often expect to get photos of their kids for free. But if you can convince your fellow parents to do it, it is an easy way to support your school.

In fact, Photofund estimates that if your school has 1,300 students and they each order six pictures throughout the year, you’d make more than $15,000.

That’s way more than any bake sale ever generates. Unless you happen to be selling cronuts.

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