I have found there tends to be extra excitement around toys for kids that light up or glow- even with simple items like a plain old hardware store flashlight or a glow stick from the auto shop. Something about turning off the lights and setting up to play in the dark adds a bonus element of fun… often followed by shrieks and giggles.

Moulin Roty Storybook Flashlight | Cool Mom Tech

Moulin Roty flashlight projector toy | Cool Mom Tech

If find yourself in the market for some imaginative play aids to light up your kids’ little faces, then you will love this briiliant find from CMP favorite French toymaker Moulin Roty.

The cute little Storybook Flashlight is basically a tiny LED powered wall projector designed to encourage child to make up their own stories. Flip it on to project your featured image on the wall, then turn the disc to get to the next scene in the story. 

It comes with 3 interchangable discs which snap easily onto the end. I love how the discs project sweet French graphic illustrations, each designed to be continuous in theme like the cars of a circus train, allowing your child’s imagination to easily roll with it in their play. 

Storybook Flashlight | Cool Mom Tech

For $18 this is a great find, that really encourages creative play for pre-k kids, and it doesn’t require hand-holding. In fact, I may order a few for the next wave of birthday parties or dare I say, the holidays. Stephanie M

The Moulin Roty storybook flashlight is available at Mysweetmuffin.com