I think as a parent that everything can be turned into a teaching opportunity. For example, one’s iPhone case. 

Spiderman Zoo ABC iPhone case | Cool Mom Tech


We all know the ABCs are an essential skill for young children to master, and identifying animals are a key early learning activity for toddlers. Plus, all reading materials can be a way to get kids excited about reading, even comic books. So in my opinion, Derek Eads’ Spiderman goes to the Zoo is the ideal iPhone case for any parent to justify having around the house. Even if Kraven isn’t exactly a real animal.

I might have opted for Chameleon, Puma, or Jackal myself. Still, how cool will your kid be belting out KRAVEN! when the kindergarten teacher asks, “what words start wtih k?” –Liz

Find Spiderman goes to the Zoo iPhone case and more of Derek Eads’ wonderful illustrations at Society 6.