Oh Appy Day! is our ongoing feature giving you the scoop on the coolest apps from some of the coolest people anywhere. Last week, our editor had the chance to talk to Andre Agassi.

My favorite app is called Over 40. It’s not only a flashlight, it’s a magnifying glass too. You can zoom in based on your level of blindness as you get older!

Thank goodness my eyes are still pretty good, but I got it because when I’m with my parents or someone older, it always comes in handy. I’m often around somebody older than me at a business meeting at a restaurant who struggles, fighting for more light, trying to read the menu or the bill. I’ve turned probably 100 people onto this thing. They all say, “Dude! I have to download this!” -Andre Agassi.

Oh Appy Day!

Besides being one of the greatest tennis players in history, Andre is the force behind the Andre Agassi Foundation for Education which has raised $179mm so far to improve education in the most mission-critical communities.  He’s currently launching Agassi’s Box Buddies, a line of healthy lunchbox snacks, with 100% of the profits going toward education.  


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