Cable management is one of the banes of my existence. We’ve covered lots of options that keep you organized, and some of which make your office look pretty, but now there’s a good cord organizing solution that you don’t have to look at at all. 

MOS cable organizer on IPPINKA | Cool Mom Tech


On IPPINKA, for a very limited time, you can find the MOS Cable Organizer which is pretty nifty. Just attach it to the side of your desk (it mounts with included double sided tape) or even stick it to the wall–that way the cords don’t fall to the ground in a tangled heap when you unplug a device, and they’re within reach when you need them. 

The organizer itself is magnetic, but if your cables aren’t, then there are magnetic ties to keep those secured too.

MOS cord management at IPPINKA | Cool Mom Tech

There’s black and white, which might blend best with your desk, but I think the aluminum is swanky. Just hurry if you’re interested–as with all the innovative little bits of awesomeness on the site, it will be gone in a week. –Liz

For a clever cable management solution check out the  MOS Cable Organizer on IPPINKA through October 14. You need to register to browse, but it’s totally worth it and they refresh their products all the time.