How could we not fall instantly in love with the Cordito, a beautiful crafted leather cord-tamer that looks and works a whole lot like a burrito? Well, we did. So we’re excited to see two new cord wrangling products from the same clever company that look as good as they sound.

Designer Mike Macadaan of This Is Ground has definitely cornered the tech accessory cum tex-mex snack food market especially now that he’s added the new Cord Taco. He sent over a few samples and let me assure you, the photos on site hardly do it justice.

The leather is gorgeous, the packaging is really beautiful in a minimalist way; sort of Muji-esque with a little humor thrown in. For $24.99, the five-pack will make a fantastic stocking stuffer this year. Or hey, get the whole cord suite and detangle for life.

cord suite by this is ground | cool mom tech

You can also help Mike get his budding business off the ground with a donation to his Kickstarter campaign that will yield you some sweet rewards. It’s already surpassed the fundraising goal with two weeks to go, which should tell you how popular the whole line will be.

cordlupa | cool mom tech

As for the third tasty treat to round out the collection: it’s the Cordlupa, which is like a swell little leather belt to hold your laptop charging cable together. What, you were expecting a Corde Asada perhaps? –Liz

Learn more about leather tech accessories including the Cord Taco from This is Ground and check out their Kickstarter campaign