It looks like an iPhone. It feels like an iPhone. And it’s going to be the fanciest party invitation they’ve ever received. The only RSVP response will be: iCan’t Wait.

Egba iPhone invite | Cool Mom Tech

We’ve long been fans of the over-the-top, bespoke invites from Egba Creative, and their new iPhone Invitation is a doozy. You work with the Egba designers to write the clever texting dialogue that acts as your invite. Then they build the invite to your specifications using wood and textiles and even pop a custom logo on the back for you.

To be sure, this is a pricy invitation for big galas, bar mitzvas and nuptuals between tech afficianados. But at least they don’t come with a breakable screen and a monthly contract. –Delilah

Find the iPhone Invitation through Egba Creative. Contact them for pricing and complete customization.