I love the feel of a real book in my hands, but I have to admit I really love the convenience of ebooks when I’ve just finished The Hunger Games and I can’t wait more than five minutes to get Catching Fire downloaded on my iPad. But what do you do when you’ve finished the series and you’re searching for that next life-changing book to read?

There’s a new company entering the ebook world, now in beta testing, and I’m loving the idea.

eReatah is fast (like a cheetah, get it?) and easy. For a monthly subscription–choose from 2 to 4 books a month–you get to download books that are yours forever; it’s not a rental service.

Subscriptions start at $14.99, although compare that with the cost of buying one real book.

Once you’ve finished a book and given it your thumbs up or thumbs down, they’ll suggest something else they think you might like. In fact, eReatah has enlisted the folks behind the sophisticated algorithms that make up the Netflix recommendation engine, so it’s not just some marketing guy trying to push his book to you. It’s actually statistically probable that you’ll enjoy the book they’ve recommended. Awesome.

eReatah | CMT | reading page

While I think this is a great app for those of us who love to read, think twice before you sign your kids up. They have tons of parenting books, but no children’s book section; and there appears to be no filtering or blocking features to prevent your teens from reading anything you might not want them to read.

We’d still recommend¬†Kindle Freetime¬†if you’re wanting kids’ ebooks. But for you? eReatah is definitely worth a look. –Kate

Download the eReatah app today on iOS and Android, starting at $14.99 per month. 

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