These days, everyone wants to know how to put words on a picture. Between Instagram and Pinterest, it’s not surprising. Now while I love to do cool stuff with my photos when I’m on my laptop (hello, PicMonkey!), it’s not so easy to fun them up on my tiny iPhone screen. I love playing with filters, but sometimes I want to get fancy, or even a little frivolous and this app lets you do that very thing. 

A Beautiful Mess App | Cool Mom Tech

I’m having a blast with A Beautiful Mess app, the photo app that makes it super simple to turn any shot into one worth sharing, even when I’m on my iPhone. It’s got cool filters, of course, but what I love are the doodles and text overlays that help make photos more fun and just plain cute.

For example, the Rainbow Loom bracelet pic above that I hurriedly took one morning this week: It’s not a great quality picture, nor is it super interesting. But add a fun doodle and cute phrase, and now it’s a keeper.

Be sure that you get the authentic version of A Beautiful Mess app. Unfortunately, because this app is so amazing, a bunch of copycats have created fraudulent versions. We’re committed to supporting entrepreneurs with great, original ideas, so we hope you’ll check out A Beautiful Mess via their website instead of searching the App Store, where you might accidentally get stuck with a subpar clone instead.  -Julie

Explore the A Beautiful Mess photo editing app and download for iOS ($0.99) via their website.