Between triathlon training for fun and conference calls for work, I spend a fair amount of time with headphones firmly in place. This means I also have to tote my phone around as I discuss business and fold laundry simultaneously, or I have to endure listening to my ringtone instead of my favorite power song as I’m climbing that killer hill. I desperately needed headphones that work with me, not against me.

Jabra Sport Wireless+ headphones | Cool Mom Tech

I’m kind of in love with my new Jabra Sport Wireless+ headphones. They connect to my phone via Bluetooth, so there’s no cords to fuss with except for the short one connecting the two earpieces (and that goes behind my neck when I’m wearing them–I don’t even notice it).

All the smart controls–volume, call answer/reject, skip track–are on a single earpiece, so with one touch I can get rid of that call or that song I’ve already heard a zillion times.

Recommended by five-time Ironman world champion Craig Alexander (whoa), these headphones are definitely designed for working out. They’re sturdy but flexible, with a bunch of different ear gels for a custom fit, plus they’re also rain-proof. This matters, believe me. My old sport headphones shorted out after I got caught in a storm!

And I love that they’re comfortable for those endless business calls too.

So while I still won’t answer calls while I’m out biking, at least now I can send them straight to voice mail and get back to my power playlist. You wouldn’t want to hear me huffing and puffing anyway, right? Julie

Get all the details on the Jabra Sport Wireless+ headphones on the Jabra website, and check out some of the other awesome Jabra products we love.

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