I’m a big fan of the smart Quirky gadgets, so I wasn’t surprised when I found this handy accessory that’s sure to help maximize my desk space and get me organized once and for all.

Space Bar Desk Organizer at Quirky | Cool Mom Tech

The Space Bar Desk Organizer is the perfect, stylish way to clean up your cluttered desk by raising up your monitor, giving you a spot to hide your keyboard and mouse and adding a little storage space up top. Even better, you get six USB ports–4 in the front, 2 in the back–as well as a mini-USB and an AC Adapter port.

Space Bar on Quirky | Cool Mom Tech

No wonder it’s been sold out on Quirky and is finally back in stock. With this, I am sure I’m the only one who will strive to finally reach organizational zen. Kristen

You can purchase The Space Bar computer desk organizer at Quirky.

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