So as it turns out, it’s not a good idea to give a small child your old tech to play with. Once we learned how many toxic components and metals were in those remote controls, cell phones and cameras, we’ve retrieved the outdated gadgets from their hands (and yeah, mouths), and instead turned to low-tech tech toys for kids, like these great finds. 

kids' camera toy by twig creative | cool mom picks


Twig Creative, makers of the awesome Anagram wooden Instagram camera toy, is now making a ton of different toy cameras for kids, all from sustainable, safe wood. And cotton straps. And cork.

No Cadmium, really!


wooden toy cameras by twig creative | cool mom picks

toy cameras for kids by twig creative | cool mom picks

toy cameras with personalized straps | cool mom picks

On Umbabox, which has recently evolved from a monthly subscription box service to a great online shop for fair trade and small-batch indie items, there are even a few Pixie Wooden Cameras in exclusive colors.  

Kids will be psyched that these toy cameras actually do things; the spring-loaded shutter button is so fun to click, and the lens turns so they can “photograph” their lunch just like mommy does for Instagram!

(Joking.) –Liz

Find handmade wooden toy cameras for kids from Twig Creative and a few limited edition colors on Umbabox