Astute readers of this site will know that I can’t pass up a retro inspired iPhone case, from vintage book covers to vintage maps. Maybe it’s a longing for simpler times, when we had to memorize phone numbers, and never knew who was calling when the phone rang. Oh wait. No. I like progress. But I also like cases like these. 

vintage iPhone cases from Cartolina | Cool Mom Tech


Going back to the days way before, the iPhone Cases from Cartolina are so pretty. Creative Director Fiona Richards collects antique engravings, block prints, and other ephemera to turn into stationery (you might recognize the designs from museum shops and high end boutiques) and now, phone cases. 

New York iPhone Case | Cool Mom Tech

I think the nods to European architecture or baroque design are pretty sweet, but it’s probably the New York typographical case that has my heart. No surprise. –Liz 

Find vintage iPhone Cases for iPhone 4/4S/5 online at Cartolina. 


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