I’m a sucker for Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang, especially at holiday time. Not only do I love the nostalgia, watching the same shows I watched as a child, but the humor and messages never get old.

I think I might love the new e-book A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving even more than the original TV special. It’s from Loud Crow, one of our favorite developers, who do such a great job bringing stories to life. All the cool e-book animation means there’s something new to discover on every page, which means kids keep reading–over and over, all year long. And yes, it’s pricey for an app (though not for a book), but trust me, the features are truly amazing. Which is really cool, because thankfulness is in season whether there’s a turkey on the table or not.

2018 Update: If you’d like to stream the movie, we’ve found that too! It’s available in full at TeacherTube, for purchase at Amazon or iTunes, or for free on Hulu if you have their LiveTV subscription.

Find A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving on iTunes for $5.99 (optimized for iOS7) and for Android for $4.99