We have a lot of discussion here internally about the ethics and importance of using so-called hidden nanny cams or other security cameras around the house. But one thing we can all agree on: These security cameras are hilarious.





If you like conceptual recycled cardboard art, want a passive-aggressive gift for a paranoid mother-in-law, want to make a statement about Orwellian predictions, or you just want to let visitors (or sitters or naughty children) know–with a wink–that you are always watching, the cardboard video cameras from France’s Filet Doux on Etsy are absolutely genius. No, they don’t actually work, they just hang there looking awesome. Though maybe one of you handy tech types could install your own recording device inside.

Has anyone ever considered about hiding a nanny cam inside of a non-working nanny cam? I think I’m onto something. –Liz

Find a selection of recycled cardboard video cameras online at Filet Doux

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