There are now so many services to help you make your own custom holiday cards online, our jobs are getting harder as we try to weed out the lame ones for you. But there is one new one that caught my eye, in part because of the technology, and in part because of the great collaboration with the Threadless artists we love to design them all.

The cards at Open Me (smart name!) are limited in the holiday card department with more being added daily, but you can also find a great selection of birthday, love, baby and friendship cards.

That said, we’re in ALL HOLIDAY ALL THE TIME mode and so the ones I happen to love right now are this Polar Bear in a Blizzard card by Skylar and Brock Hoga, and Julie Vacarro’s Dreidel Your Brains Out card.

The indie design adds personality on the front, while you can customize the inside and back covers to add a personal photo and even a note–although their own greetings are pretty fun.


When you’re done with your creation, send it free as an ecard (yay!) or make someone’s day by forking over the $4 to to have them print, stamp and deliver it for you on a day you specify. Good news for plan-aheaders.

Another nice touch: You can invite others to sign the card too and include their own profile photo, so if you’ve got cousins all over the country, you can all get together and express your love for the grandparents or the new baby. Definitely makes the card extra sentimental.

The one annoyance is the encouragement to sign in through Facebook–in part to help you access your Facebook photos as upload options–and while it seems safe enough, I might prefer the option to sign in without Facebook. And hey, ther eis one! Which would be smart. If it were working. Then again, the site is brand new.

I’d register try the free option and see how you like it. Something tells me that as more of the great Threadless art hits the pages, this could be big. –Liz

Join Open Me for FREE for a limited time, giving you access to free custom photo ecards designed by indie artists, and stamp/send capabilities for just $4 a card.