I’m a huge fan of the juxtaposition of high tech and low tech, but I’ve never seen anything like the Decaphone. Or really, I have. But it wasn’t all in wood and it certainly didn’t have a dock for your iPhone in it.

The Decaphone is inspired by the 19th Century gramophone and works as a completely wireless, battery-less, electric-less amplifier for your iPhone. Crazy cool, right? Each piece is completely handmade from a talented Providence woodworker (and probable RISD grad) from your choice of natural oak or ebonized oak, then ready to be displayed, and let’s be honest, gawked over.

Decaphone iPhone amplifier | cool mom tech

Like the original gramophone, I wouldn’t expect this to fill up a crowded room with stereophonic sound, but for dinners or evenings alone with friends and family, amazing. Mark this one down under “gift for the audiophile who has everything.” -Kristen

You can purchase the Decaphone at Modest Goods on Etsy. Though despite the shop name, the price is not modest. 

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