When I started working in children’s publishing over a decade ago, I would never have imagined that children’s authors would be able to create an interactive book experience for kids like what Hullabalu, creators of the über-successful ebook series Pandora (not to be confused with the streaming music app) have dreamed up. Pandora ebooks are part book, part movie, and part video game. And my kids love it.

Also? Free for a limited time.

The phenomenally popular series starts with Pan: The Fearless Beribolt, the  tale of a happy little panda who lives in the clouds but is leaving on a quest to find her family. Just this month, the creators have released book two, Pan: Chasing the Keeper.

Pandora ebook for kids  | Cool Mom Tech

Pandora library | Cool Mom Tech

Continuing on her journey to find her parents, Pan meets a tribe of warrior bunnies. These bunnies have a great sense of dry humor; I found myself chuckling aloud a few times as the story evolved. And when the story finished, I heard my kids whispering, Go ask mom if we can get the next one.

If you’re worried that your kids aren’t learning something with this app, you can relax; because the story is narrated with highlighted text (think, karaoke), early learners around 3-7 will enhance their reading skills. Plus there are hidden surprises that require your kids to touch, tap, or shake the iPad, bringing the story to life and helping them to develop  their critical thinking skills and imagination.

Hooray for digital books that are rivaling the ones on our shelves. –Kate

Surprise your kids and download Pan: Chasing the Keeper today (for iOS 6 or higher) for FREE while it lasts (regular $4.99). They’ll think you’re awesome.