The problem with trying to find a tablet for kids is that many of them tend to look like, well, tablets for kids. And the thing is, no matter how amazing might be (looking at you, Nabi 2 and  Nabi Jr) I can’t convince my older kids that it’s a real tablet. They want theirs to look like mine, with a name that doesn’t sound like a cutesie kid name. So, I’m excited to have found the perfect mix of kids tablet and adult design, in the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids.


Don’t let the colorful packaging and protective orange carrying case of the Galaxy Tab 3 Kids fool you–this is not a kids’ toy. It is a legitimate Samsung Galaxy tablet which happens to have dual operating modes, one for kids and one for parents.

The kids’ mode has a fun, energetic artwork and features only the Android apps you’ve selected for your kids to have access to using the parental controls. You can also set time limits on how long your kids can play, or you can set a specific schedule for the Tab 3 to operate (say, it only works between 6:00 am and 4:00 pm, so there’s no arguing when it’s time to get off for dinner).


Because my kids beg me constantly to buy new apps for them, I’m also loving the “wish list” feature on the Tab 3; they can browse through the store, star the apps they want, and then I can reward them weekly for doing their chores with a new app from their list or delete the ones which…no way, not ever.

However, know that it comes with more than $40 worth of pre-loaded content to start, which will keep my kids occupied for quite a while. It also comes with a $10 Google Play credit to cover those first few wish list items.


When you want to switch away from kids mode, simply enter your passcode and click through to Galaxy Tab 7 standard mode–it will have all the features and capabilities you’d expect from any other Galaxy tablet. Making this a perfect choice for a whole lot of parents. Like me. -Kate

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids is now available for $229.99 from our affiliate Amazon, for $209 at B+H Photo, or at stores near you. And thanks to Samsung for providing us with a review unit. 

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