Growing up in the midwest, our neighbors had two solar panels on their roof. I always thought that was so cool. Now panels are popping up in my neighborhood, and it’s still just as cool to me. I would love to see even more solar energy sources, especially since Denver enjoys 300+ days of sunshine each year.



I’m really excited about this new Indiegogo campaign, The Solar Schools Project from the National Resources Defense Council, which will help bring solar power to schools to save money over the long run, and of course, our natural resources.  

Basically, it’s a step-by-step how-to guide–or for geeky project management types like me, it’s a project plan that can be used by every school in every community. Yes, even yours!


Each school’s solar project will have its own online repository where parents and students can organize, connect, and get it all done. Because clearly a solar project is a huge undertaking, so the goal of this platform is to make it less daunting and more doable. And yes, it is doable. 

Fundraising is almost over, but there are still some cool perks to be claimed if you’d like to contribute. (I’m eyeing the solar charger kit myself.) And when the Solar Schools platform is finished, I know a few kids on our local school’s Energy Team who’ll be ready to get started. Julie

Check out the Solar Schools Indiegogo campaign and start planning your own solar project