If you’re anything like me, your mornings are crazy–waking everybody up, making breakfast, walking the dog, packing backpacks, getting the kids dressed, and more. Sometimes it’s hard to find time to also put together a chic outfit that lets the world know you actually do care about the way you look. But now there’s a service using technology and your own email inbox to help women get out of the yoga pants and default pony tail.

Style Up | CMT | Casual look

Sign up for StyleUp and set up a profile on their site about your style, body type, and budget (should you be looking for new clothes instead of shopping your closet). The gist is that each night you’ll get an email with on-trend outfit suggestions for the next day, complete with a weather forecast so your clothing will be environmentally appropriate too.

Style Up | CMT | Four options

Style Up has four main style categories to choose from as you set up your profile–corporate professional, creative professional, conservative casual, and trendy casual. (Sorry new parents–no “semi-clean jeans the day before laundry day” category.)

Having tried it out, I found that they manage to keep the recommendations fresh; it’s not the same kind of thing each day. And you can rate them, Netflix or Pandora style, so presumably the algorithm gets to know your tastes better.

Style Up | CMT | email blast

While I do not want to buy a new outfit each day for this service to be helpful–and presuming you don’t either–I do love that I can click through their email and find links to buy the exact items they recommend should an item or two strike my fancy. That said, I’ve been amazed how many outfits I’ve been able to pull together from what I already had in my closet. In fact, I’ve had a few compliments on my StyleUp-inspired outfits already, which always is a great start to any day. –Kate

Register for daily style tips at TheStyleUp.com.

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