I’ve always loved Kikkerland Design, because guaranteed, every time you click over you’ll see something you never noticed before that you kind of have to have. Or at this time of year, that you have to give to someone else. Then hope they let you borrow it.


Right now, I love this Leaf Solar Flashlight from Danish designer Jan Habraken, who also brought us that awesome Lightning Bolt Power Strip. For just $7 it’s a nifty little stocking stuffer.

Look around for more ideas like the cord wrap piranha, an iPhone cable that looks like a frog or random purple monster, a retro pen and stylus all-in-one, and earbuds with wings. All under $10. All totally essential in your digital life. Of course.





The prices are pretty awesome, considering this is the season when plenty of tech shops show you $200 headphones and suggest you what great stocking stuffers they’d make. Uh, right. –Liz

Visit Kikkerland.com for great tech stocking stuffers and other fun finds in all prices. 

EXTRA COOL FOR NYC RESIDENTS AND VISITORS: Kikkerland is opening their first brick-and-mortar store on Monday 11/18 in Greenwich Village on 493 6th off West 12st Street. We can’t wait to visit!