While we’ve been singing the praises of Toca Boca apps for kids for ages now, we’re not the only ones. They are wildly engaging, often educational, and absolutely charming with quirky details and humorous characters that can only come from this Swedish Developer.

And in honor of their 50 millionth download (day-um), they’re offering 10 of their biggest titles for just $.99 each today only. Whoo!



Hit the App Store this very second, and grab them while you can. Your kids will adore each and every one, if they’re anything like our own kids. 

Toca Hair Salon 2

Toca Kitchen 

Toca House 

Toca Band 


Toca Tailor

Toca Store 

Toca Train 

Toca Tea Party 

Toca Doctor  (iPhone and HD for iPad)

Toca Robot Lab 

Our only (big) complaint: Make them for Android, Toca! More kids to love them. –Liz

Hurry and download your favorite Toca Boca apps for just $.99 until about midnight pacific time, Friday November 8.