Since we launched Cool Mom Tech just three years ago, we are amazed at how much has changed. There was no Pinterest then. There was no Instagram (at least for a couple more weeks). Spotify had yet to hit our phones and change our lives, the only angry birds we knew were in Central Park, and we still really hoped and believed that everything we posted on Facebook was private.

So yeah, things change. And now, here we are, changing our own website too. So…welcome!

We’ve heard so many of your insightful comments and suggestions and took them to heart, with a new look and feel, archives you can actually search (gah, that was killing us), categories that make a little–or a lot–more sense, and way prettier pictures.

We explained a bit more about our facelift on Cool Mom Picks–mostly we want to make things easier for you, our community. But also, we really wanted to give more credit to our phenomenal staff of staff of writers–the people who really take the time to try cameras and apps and gear to find the watchouts before you do; and who are willing to reject six apps before finally recommending the seventh. They are women who truly care about the quality of their writing, the recommendations that they can stand behind, and we could not do this without them.

There’s still some stuff here we’re working on and of course, a few bugs. (Hey, if iOS7 can launch with bugs we sure as heck can.) But overall, we really, really hope you like it here.

Because if not, we’ll probably cry. Only partially because none of us have slept this little since we had newborns.

If you catch any crazy problems you want to point out–or hey, you just want to say something nice (we like nice people!)–feel free to email us anytime at You can also say hi on Twitter or Facebook or Pinterest. We love saying hi back!

Thanks so much to every one of you who come here and trust us and debate with us and ask us your toughest questions and tell us that your kids are obsessed with Toca Boca apps too. You help make what we do here even cooler.

-Liz Gumbinner + Kristen Chase.

Much-Deserved Credits: Thank you to Jon Armstrong, our brilliant content strategist and developer who is officially an honorary cool mom after all his tireless work. Even if he’s really a cool dad. We’re so lucky to have found him. Thank you to our chic-geeks-behind-the-scenes Jaelithe Judy and Kari Dahlen whose brains need to be preserved for science. Thanks to Julie Marsh who has been with us since the beginning, keeps Kristen and Liz sane, always has time to smile and say something nice, and yet is probably too busy working to even read this right now. And of course, thanks to each of our truly phenomenal editors and writers for bearing with us as the site went down long enough to make the googlebots twitchy No thanks to Mercury which went into retrograde at totally the wrong time.

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