I was recently turned onto Monoprice and all I can say is, bookmark immediately. What a nice way not to spend money on all your tech cables you’ll need for all your fun new holiday gifts, that you would rather spend elsewhere.

Take for example the 6-foot lightning to USB cable you want for your sweet new iPad Air:  just $12.91. Comparable with a similar cable at the Apple store: $29.  That’s a helladifference right there.

Should you need a short 3-foot HDMI cable to connect your TV to your new gaming system? $2.52 each in lots of pretty colors, At Apple–oh, a mere $19.

See what I mean? Go forth. Buy cable cheaply. Save the rest for the shiny new devices you want to connect those cables to in the first place.

Find super affordable cables of all kind at to Monoprice and be prepared in advance to get your new tech hooked up on Christmas day.


[via blurbomat]