From our top 2013 kids’ albums, check out our favorite singles to download and you’ll get a nice sampling of the best family music of the year. We’ve got cool kids’ music that will get you all moving, thinking, and just plain ol’ singing-along-to-at-the-top-of-your-lungs. And hey, if you find a song you love, get the whole album and support a cool indie artist. That way you both benefit.

Shine and the Moonbeams | Cool Mom Tech

Shine and the Moonbeams’ High Five
The song that got me hooked on Shawana Kemp’s voice, this 2010 recording of High Five is smooth, soulful, and welcome to be stuck in my head all day long.


Singing Our Way Through by Alastair Moock | Cool Mom Tech

Alastair Moock’s Hard Travelin’  from Singing our Way Through–Songs for the World’s Bravest Kids
With guests The Okee Dokee Brothers, Alastair Moock updates this Woody Guthrie classic for the next generation of brave kids.


Recess by Justin Roberts | Cool Mom Tech

Justin Roberts’ Recess
The title song from his 2013 release, Justin Roberts sings about every kid’s favorite time of the day.


Deep Sea Diver by Recess Monkey | Cool Mom Tech

Recess Monkey’s Walkie Talkies from Deep Sea Diver
Funky and fun, our pick from Recess Monkey’s summer release will have you all getting your groove on.


Blink of an Eye by Frances England | Cool Mom Tech

Frances England’s Day You Were Born from Blink of an Eye
Touching lyrics and a beautiful sound, this is one song for which you may need a tissue nearby.


Kidquake by The Not Its | Cool Mom Tech

The Not-Its! Rock Paper Scissors from Kidquake!
Rock wins all, as expected, in this fast-paced tune.


Turn Turn Turn by Zanes and Mitchell | Cool Mom Tech

Elizabeth Mitchell and Dan Zanes’ Now Let’s Dance from Turn Turn Turn
May we have this dance? This original tune sung by two of the “greats” in kids’ music will be one to take for a spin around the room.


Pleased to Meet You by Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke | Cool Mom Tech

Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke’s Animal Alphabet from Pleased to Meet You
An entire zoo-full of animals run us through the alphabet in a most uniquely musical way.


Fantastico by Lucky Diaz | Cool Mom Tech

Lucky Diaz and The Family Jam Band’s ¿Qué Dicesfrom ¡Fantastico!

Say What? Yes, this is one of our favorites from Lucky Diaz’s Spanish-language, Latin Grammy-winning release.


Are We There Yet? by The Verve Pipe | Cool Mom Tech

The Verve Pipe’s Homework Blues Stomp from  Are We There Yet?
With its reference to Van Halen’s Hot For Teacher, this age-appropriate, bluesy song will get grins from us older folks too.


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