Between my daughter’s new iPhone, my son’s iPod Touch, and my two personal iGadgets, we’ve got four iOS devices charging all over the floors and kitchen counters. That’s why my next big purchase will be this brilliant new PowerDock 5 charging station from Griffin.

It’s almost hard to believe that it doesn’t take up much more room than a single iPad and yet it houses and charges up to 5 iOS gadgets at a time.  It can still work with certain Kindle and Android gadgets as well; just know that each device has a specified power charging level and this might be slower (or faster) than the one your phone or tablet requires.

I’ve already got the perfect spot in my family room where this will go along with all my own and my kids’ gadgets, but this is a pretty smart device for a small office or shared work space as well. It’s bound to be an improvement over my current situation, which right now looks like tangled cords, lost phones, and an iPad that’s never charged. -Kristen

You can purchase the Powerdock 5 multigadget charger at Griffin