If your kids are budding creative types, but they still love to get techy with their masterpieces, you’ll want to check out this cool new app that allows them to add voiceover narration to their photographs or artwork. Because next Spielberg or Scorsese or Soderbergh is out there growing up in one of our houses, right?

Shadow Puppet is a new app that allows kids to create a montage of photographs, then add their voice narration over it as the slideshow of photos plays through. Imagine all the ways your kids could use it.

On the plane ride home from a vacation, they could create a digital scrapbook and tell the story of their favorite moments for your family to watch when you get back home. They could photograph their own artwork and describe each picture. Or they could photograph the step-by-step process of their science project, and narrate their findings to display at the science fair (earning them an A, of course).

Shadow Puppet record | Cool Mom Tech

For parents, I’m imagining that you could document some of your favorite family recipes with step-by-step photos and narration on how to prepare the dish. Or you could celebrate a sweet sixteen or Bar Mitzvah with pictures from birth up until now, narrating the funny and sweet moments of  childhood. I can’t think of too many more sentimental, thoughtful gifts than that, especially ones that are free.

Once you’ve created your slideshow, you can share it directly from the app to the standard social media venues–and I like that no app is required for your friends and family to view shared slideshows.

This app is really special in that it goes way beyond just keeping the kids entertained; this is an app that could enhance their gratitude, creativity, or education depending on how they choose to use it.

Download Shadow Puppet today for iOS. It’s free.