Looks like the whole selfie trend is here to stay. Thus, the introduction of shutter remotes to make it all possible. Whether or not you’re all about sharing your self-portrait with the world through Instagram or not, parents should really appreciate the surge of new products out there that allow you to actually be in photos with the kids–all without that awful outstretched-arm look.

Thanks to these 4 new wireless shutter remotes for smartphones–both real and digital–the selfie can now go from looking like a selfie to a decent photograph. Provided no one closes their eyes.

Muku Shutter Remote
Using Bluetooth technology, the Muku shutter remote (shown above) gives you up to a 30-foot range when taking your photos. Very impressive. It works with both iPhone and Android devices and comes as a 6 mm thin remote that you can attach to your keychain or just slide into your pocket. ($40)


iSnapx wireless remote shutter for iOS | Cool Mom Tech

iSnapx Shutter Remote
iSnapx is another wireless remote option for iOS users. Although its range is only 10 feet, it provides an easy option for anyone using an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad (OS 5.1 or higher). Unlike the Muku which uses Bluetooth technology, users download a complementary app to use with the iSnapx remote. ($29.95)


Shutterball wireless remote shutter | Cool Mom Tech

Our editor Liz personally recommended this as a great, affordable tech gift when she appeared on GMA Live a few weeks ago. With a shape that fits nicely into your hand (or a kid’s hand), Shutterball wirelessly syncs with an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy for instant photos using their free Android or iOS app. ($24.99)


Belkin LiveAction wireless shutter remote | Cool Mom Tech

This neat product from Belkin also gives you the power to take photo and video from up to 30-feet away. The video function is a very neat feature and the remote lets you easily switch between the two functions without needing to touch your smartphone. LiveAction also comes with a camera stand for easier photo and video-taking and needs a quick app download (free) to start taking advantage of those group shots (and video clips!). ($49.99)


CamMe selfie taking app for iOS | Cool Mom Tech

CamMe App
Finally, if you want to do with remotes altogether, check out this awesome app that uses a simple hand motion to take the picture for you. CamMe is a free app for iOS that lets you take selfies to your heart’s content. All you have to do is be in plain sight of the phone (up to 22 feet away), hold up your hand, make a fist and wait for the countdown. Genius. (iOS)