With a new baby in the house, both of my older kids are so surprisingly sweet when it comes to caring for her, wanting to pick her up, even changing diapers. It’s amazing how nurturing young kids can be, whether caring for a real baby, a stuffed animal, or in the case of the new Big Baby app, a virtual baby.

Harkening back to the days of those Tamagotchi gadgets where you had to care for a digital pet, Big Baby makes kids responsible for providing everything a baby needs to keep him happy. Kids can pick from one of four babies, whose mood changes depending on different variables, and kids get to guess whatever they think the baby needs.

Sounds pretty similar to real life.

Big Baby app for iOS | Cool Mom Tech

There are a variety of tasks to choose from like making the baby’s food, feeding him, changing diapers, tickling, playing and more. There are no rules to follow when it comes to baby’s care and it’s up to kids to determine if baby needs a nap, a feeding or just some cuddle time. It’s perfect for kids aged about 3 to 6, especially if they have a new sibling at home or on the way, so they feel empowered too.

The app has a Toca Boca-esque feel when it comes to the quirky graphics, and comes with no in-app purchases or ads (which is how we think all kids’ apps should be). Big Baby is geared for kids ages 3-6 and is a cute way to see how your little one responds to even littler ones in times of need.

And when the baby won’t stop crying? You can turn it off. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could do that in real life?

Big Baby for iOS is available for $1.99 in iTunes. 


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