Although my own kids haven’t made any in-app purchases without my permission that I know of (knocking on wood right now), I know lots of parents whose kids certainly have. And thanks to a new FTC ruling, Apple has to pay you back for all those accidental in-app purchases.

Whether it was a single $.99 indiscretion or hundreds of dollars on new lives in Candy Crush, Apple is now required to provide full restitution to parents whose kids made in-app purchases without their parents’ permission.  Apple will also have to clarify when an in-app purchase is being made.

Of course, I’m wondering how exactly people will be able to show that the purchases, especially the smaller ones, were made accidentally, but I’m glad that this issue is being addressed. In the meantime, make sure you’ve kid-proofed your child’s iOS device just in case. Nothing like a little password protection and some easy restrictions to save you a ton of money and hassle. 

[h/t John Refford; image via Toca Boca]



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