I really dislike going to the mailbox and finding it full of junk mail: useless mailers, coupons, and magazines I never subscribed to. While it all inevitably goes right into the recycling bin, or our fireplace as kindling, it is still a huge waste of paper. We’ve covered a few services that let you unsubscribe from junk mail lists, and I just discovered another neat new app called PaperKarma that makes it easier than ever to reduce the paper trail and keep those relentless credit card offers (or debt reduction offers) at bay.

Using your own smartphone (iOS or Android), you can simply snap a photo of the offending piece of mail and PaperKarma will automatically process your request to, hopefully, get you off that mailing list. Whether it’s catalogs, magazines, fliers, those ubiquitous credit card offers and more, you can put a stop to the mail madness and save some trees all at the same time.

Stop junk mail with the PaperKarma app | Cool Mom Tech

When you download the app, you just have to input your email and mailing address. The app then saves your address to your account and any photo taken of mail you no longer wish to receive is processed. The app also keeps a log of all of your unsubscribe requests and keeps you updated on its progress.

We have covered other unsubscribe services in the past like Catalog Choice or WikiCancel, but PaperKarma seems to be the easiest. There is no website to visit or data that needs to be inputted each time. A photo is all it takes to send the request and alleviate the constant barrage of junk mail.

PaperKarma is available for free from iTunes and Google Play