While I know that the glass used in gadgets is pretty strong as it is, when my son was four, he managed to crack our brand new iPad screen out of sheer frustration with a game, using only his little fists. I only wish I’d had Rhino Shield back then.

I’m seriously impressed with the Rhino Shield from Evolutive Labs. Created by materials science students from the University of Cambridge and funded by a Kickstarter project earlier this year, these protective screen covers are practically an engineering miracle. The Rhino Shield doesn’t just rely on the strength of the material to protect your gadget; the material also helps lessen the impact by absorbing the shock.

Rhino Shield six layers of protection | Cool Mom Tech

I don’t know exactly how it works–I’m no engineer–but watch the many videos on the Evolutive Labs YouTube channel where they bang out some catchy tunes using hammers on smartphones protected by the Rhino Shield. It’s cringe-inducing, but pretty darn convincing too.

Feedback on the Evolutive Labs Facebook page is generally outstanding, though I did see a complaint about the edges peeling back. I haven’t seen that happen on our tablet or my husband’s iPhone yet, but we use the screen protector in addition to a case.

Look, my family is hard on their stuff. My husband flings himself into chairs, my daughter drags her toes on the ground to slow down while swinging, and my son leaves the family iPad in the middle of the steps. Instead of worrying constantly about what they might break next, I try to minimize the collateral damage by buying solid furniture, solid clothing, and of course, solid protection for our tech gadgets. Rhino: thank you.

Protect your gadgets with Rhino Shield screen protectors, available for a range of smartphones and tablets.

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