While we love all sorts of personalized jewelry, we’re especially smitten with keepsake jewelry that has a deeper meaning. So it’s no surprise that we were blown away by these waveform necklaces in the shape of your own soundwaves. As in, you record something, Berlin-based designer David Bizer turns it into jewelry.

The custom waveform necklaces based on your own voice and words from I love you to a child’s name to something a little more racy. Choose your disk size, color, and material–there’s acrylic, wood, and 3-D printed silver–then upload an audio file. Bizer will create a piece that mirrors your audio file waveform.

BZA.biz acrylic waveform necklace | Cool Mom Tech
I’d love to make one for each of my kids with a personal message, or attach the disks and cord to a keychain for my husband.  And if you’re feeling crafty yourself, Bizer has even posted instructions online to make your own waveform necklace. If you try it out, we’d love to see the result. But we’ll stick to ordering from the master himself.

Upload your own audio file to have David Bizer create custom waveform jewelry just for you. Worldwide shipping is free.