Remember when buttons actually clicked, dials actually twisted, and packaged cupcakes were actually made out of food? We do, and we love to see the past recreated beautifully on retro phone cases as our readers might have noticed. Here are a few more we discovered at the Etsy shop Sealed With a Case, and they are are naturally free of both calories and busy signals.

We’re smitten with the collection of retro smartphone cases  not only because they’re super cute and handmade, but also because the shop is woman-run and has exceptional reviews, which is not all that common for gadget case shops on Etsy. Each piece is created from photography and graphic design by artist Amanda Doster and heat transferred onto one of six different cases, so Samsung Galaxy, HTC One, and iPhone owners are all in luck.

Sealed With a Case retro radio iPhone case | Cool Mom Tech

Ding Dong cupcake retro phone case | Cool Mom Tech

Retro Boom Box radio smartphone case | Cool Mom Tech

Hungry Man TV Dinner retro phone case | Cool Mom Tech

Underwood retro typewriter mobile phone case | Cool Mom Tech

Amanda even does custom cell phone cases or will turn your pet’s face into a Renaissance-style painting. And the Renaissance  is super retro.

Find retro phone cases featuring cameras, radios, phones, paints, typewriters, octopuses riding bicycles and more at Sealed With a Case on Etsy.