Even though we’ve made it easy to figure out which photo book service is the best one for you and we’ve discovered plenty of great things to do with your Instagram photos besides keep them on your phone, I still have  a hard time staying on top of all my digital photos. It just takes time, and unfortunately, I’m short on that these days. So I’m all about Books to Me. right now.

This Instagram photo book company  literally does all the work for you. Well, they don’t follow you around and take the pictures, but they do everything else. Really.

Here’s how it works: sign up for a membership. That’s it. Your part is finished.

Then, Books to Me accesses your Instagram account and gathers every photo you’ve posted over the last month–except any you tagged with #noBTM–and prints them in a nice black-linen hardcover book. It’s a great way to archive family photos or to send regular updates to Grandma a few states over without having to spend time at all working on it.


Instagram Photo Book by BooksToMe | Cool Mom Tech

Another great perk—they’re super fast. I signed up for service on Tuesday and had my book in my hands on Friday.

My only suggestion for Books to Me is that I’d like to see an option to include my Instagram captions with the photos in the books. It makes them a little more fun and relatable. Also, the whole hashtag thing may be something you are or aren’t comfortable with, depending on how serious an Instagram user you are. But those things aside, this is a service I’d recommend to any busy parent.

Order an every month ($24/month) or every-three-month ($44) subscription from BooksTo.Me and start enjoying your printed pictures today. Well, maybe in two days. But pretty darn soon.