Cutting, matting, mounting, spraying adhesive that ends up peeling later–printing Instagram photos yourself then framing them can be a pain in the rear, but a professional framing service can be spendy. Hooray for alternatives!

We’ve covered services like Canvas Pop which prints your photos on beautiful canvases, Prinstagram for posters, PostalPix for prints on aluminum, and InstaThis which does a nice job printing Instagram and other cell phone photos on acrylic or wood. But now there’s another service we’ve found with a new take on it all: Plywerk.

This nifty purveyor of pre-cut pieces of sustainable maple and bamboo plywood panels–all handmade in Portland by real humans by the way–will mount your photos for you beautifully right on the wood, or send you an optional adhesive layer so you can stick your photos on yourself.

Another option is the magnetized bamboo picture frame for wall-mounting or standing, if you want to make things even easier on yourself. Which I often do. It’s a pretty great look, too, and those magnets aren’t going anywhere so fast (though if you have really small children you might want a different option, or to hang them well out of reach.)

Edited to add: The magnets are embedded in the panel; the silver balls are ball bearings and not magnetized but still not part of a healthy diet. 



Plywerk Instagram Photos on Bamboo | Cool Mom Tech

Assembly takes two seconds if you go for the DIY angle, especially if you get someone to wrangle the kids while you do it. And, if you have Plywerk do the entire piece from start to finish, hanging is as easy as hammering a nail into the wall and then guiding the pre-cut keyhole onto it.

Images can be uploaded directly from your laptop, Facebook or of course Instagram accounts, right onto Plywerk’s website, which gives you a preview of what your finished piece will look like with just a few clicks. You’ll end up with a professionally mounted piece of art on wood without the splurgey price of a pro framer. And one less blank wall. –Pilar

Visit for affordable bamboo frames and mounting for your Instagram photos. Right now they’re running a special offer: Try a 5×5 print for just $19 including free shipping.

Another option: Check out the Plywerk photo mounting art hubs for existing photographic art prints for sale from artists like Jesse Michener, whose floral print is shown at top. Stunning stuff.