In honor of Facebook’s 10th birthday, they’re offering users a pretty cool feature called Lookback, which had me tearing up within the first few seconds.

Just make sure you’re logged into your Facebook account, then head over to the Lookback website, which will magically whip up a minute-long video of some of your own Facebook memories, starting with when you first joined followed by a montage of your photos.

You’ll even get to see a few of your most popular updates and photos. The little trip down memory lane is definitely worth the click.

To see your own Facebook Lookback, head over to their website. 

Edited: If you’d like to download your Lookback video, you can use a video download helper on your browser. We found this one for Chrome but check Firefox as well. For the Chrome extension, start playing your video and you’ll see a blue/green arrow in the top right. Click that and it will download. Then you can share! (Thanks, Kristin) 


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