If you live anywhere in the midwest or on the east coast, you know you are freezing and sick of hearing about polar vortexes. So let’s think about wonderful summer produce instead? We recently found this the great Farmstand app for iOS, which allows you to find farmers markets and local food sources in your area and share whatever looks delicious with friends.

Many of us are trying to eat more local food, but it is sometimes hard for busy parents to plan ahead when you don’t know what the markets are offering or when they are open. (Example: I need broccoli, but I only have time to make one stop.) It’s also great when you’re traveling and want to check out local offerings. That’s why I like that Farmstand takes out the guesswork. The app lets you search for markets in your area, find operating hours and opening dates, and post pictures (or see what others are posting) about the products being sold.

I tried it out and I’m amazed at how comprehensive it is–whether you’re in a big city like New York or Chicago, or in Burlington, VT which has 27 farmer’s markets in a 30 mile radius. Some are even open now, which is wonderful. After all, maple syrup is great any time of the year, even if we still have to wait for fresh berries.

Farmstand is currently an iPhone only app, but there is a Mobile Web Farmstand App  that anyone can use from a mobile browser, and an Android app is planned. So hook up with all of your local food friends and start planning which markets you are going to support. I can imagine the warm sunshine and the many shades of heirloom tomatoes as I type.

Download the free  Farmstand app for iOS, or visit the Mobile Web Farmstand App  from any web browser.