Just in time for next week’s National Tooth Fairy Day on February 28th (yes, that’s a real thing), comes the launch of a brand new app designed to create more magic in children’s lives: Wishingtooth for iPad, Android and Kindle Fire. And for a limited time, it’s totally free.

This is the first ever app that brings to life the lost legend of wishing on a tooth with an interactive story–a full 75 pages of it–that reinforces the creativity, imagination, and belief in oneself that all parents want to instill in their children.

The premise  is that every lost baby tooth warrants a wish from a child …and of course, that’s where the Tooth Fairy comes in.

She has a name by the way: Zora Swift. She’s sworn to defend children’s wishes around the world. And with the help of her friends Pete and Melody, she finally gets to fulfill a wish of her own–spending time with children when they’re actually awake. All while trying to save her home of Wishingtooth World together.

You know that every good story always has to be a good vs. evil plot in there somewhere, right?

Check out the preview video with your kids and watch them get excited. You’ll find it’s ideal for kids 5-8 (not coincidentally, the same age that children lose their baby teeth) who will love that it blends magic, fantasy and adventure, all brought to life with narration, original music, and loads of interactivity including puzzles and games. Because, games. Of course.

Kids can also toggle to Bedtime Story Mode, and read it just like a real book, or have a narrator read it aloud if they’re on the younger side. But with so much else to do in Wishingtooth, that might never happen. In fact, there are even hidden items to collect throughout the story, which help kids unlock fun family activities.

If you have a child who is about to lose a first tooth, or still excited to lose a second or third, download Wishingtooth for free and see how much more excited he or she gets about this wonderful milestone. And how much harder it might be to fall asleep the night the Tooth Fairy is going to come.
EXTRA COOL:  Download Wishingtooth now for free for a limited time. It’s available for iPad, Android or Kindle Fire. And you can Register with Wishingtooth to be one of the first to experience their family portal and get advance notice of fun new offerings for your kids as they come out.

This is a sponsored message from Wishingtooth. 

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