You’d think that when baby #3 came along, parenting would be old hat. But…nope. Forgot everything.¬†Rather than comb the Internet for hundreds of different solutions (and I use that term loosely) it’s nice to know that expert advice from a live person on all topics–including parenting–is available on your computer with Helpouts by Google.

Helpouts by Google is a very cool service that provides one-on-one video consultation for practically anything you need advice on: Computers & Electronics, Cooking, Fitness & Nutrition, Fashion & Beauty. As for me, I have forgotten everything from When does baby roll over?  to When does baby start sleeping through the night? Which keeps me up nights in more ways than one. So I can look for more niche experts within a category, like a nutritionist or use the search bar to find specific topics, like Sleep Training or Sushi Making, Crafting, or Martial Arts.

(No, not for my baby. She’s too busy learning sign language and Iambic Pentameter.)


Helpouts by Google expert advice via video chat | Cool Mom Tech


I even searched for random words like¬†car, guitar,¬†or¬†¬†hair¬†(just for fun)¬†and each time, a list of experts popped up. Impressive. Though the algorithm isn’t perfect: Search results for crafting included resume help, public speaking counseling, and film production basics.

Considering it’s Google you’d think they’d get the search part of this down.

And of course, expertise (each one is vetted by Google) beyond the realm of some random Internet nitwit comes at a price. Some experts do¬†offer their advice for free and are flexible with times, while others charge from $1/minute to maybe $50 for a half-hour, and offer specific times they are available to video chat.¬†You can see their credentials and background when you click on their particular Helpout which helps you vet them too. But in the rare event you do engage with someone who doesn’t really help? Google offers a money back guarantee.

For the lucky Android users out there, there’s a¬†Helpouts Android app¬†just for you.

Every morning that I think I’ll schedule a chat with a sleep consultant, of course, that night is when my baby ends up sleeping well. But when we hit the next growth spurt, sleep regression, teething episode and the multiple night wakings hit again, I’m glad to know that a sleep expert is just a screen away.

For more information, check out the Helpouts by Google website or download the Helpouts Android app on Google Play

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