You can’t eat your Apple, but you can totally devour some iPhones with this sweet stainless iPhone cookie cutter. Do they make an app for that? I keep pressing the buttons to search, but all I get is a finger covered in frosting. Totally not a problem.

We’ve brought you edible zombies, ninjabread men, and the ability to eat Jaime Lannister’s head. But now we’re ready to upgrade to the latest iPhone, complete with apps and buttons, none of which have ads or in-app purchases. Roll out your dough of choice, cut out those iPhones, bake, decorate, and eat. You could even add some little hearts on there for a high-tech Valentine’s Day treat.

iPhone cookie cutter | Cool Mom Tech

The iPhone Cookie Cutter is available at ThinkGeek. You don’t have to camp out overnight to grab one, and they don’t cost much dough.



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