Remember your trusty View-Master from back in the day? Oh, the places you’d go as a kid, the hunk of red plastic pressed to your face, eyes wide as you click through the reels. Now you can have your childhood 3D optic adventures all over again, this time with some major upgrades. Meet the Poppy 3D iPhone Camera which is first of all, cute, and secondly available at Photojojo where we love everything.

This is a lens that turns any iPhone into a 3D camera and viewer all in one, which I’d say is a match made in stereoscopic heaven. (That is, once I found out that “stereoscopy” means 3D imaging. Knowing is growing, friends.) It’s not cheap, but boy is it fun. Especially if you have the burning desire to make the world’s coolest gifs for your Tumblr.

Poppy uses mirrors to capture 2D photos and video at two different angles. So when you look at the offset images through the viewer, your brain basically combines them and tricks you into thinking it’s 3D. Adding to the fun: Upload your impressive Poppy-shot videos directly to YouTube so that anyone in your Poppy-having posse can view them.

The Poppy 3D iPhone Camera is available online at Photojojo.


Welcome to Nicole Blades, our newest Cool Mom Tech contributor. She is wonderful. 

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