It’s Valentine’s Day, and for a bibliophile like me there’s no better gift to celebrate romance than a great love story. Since these days, love stories are more likely read from a Kindle, Nook or the Kindle app on iPad than a hardcover, it can be a sweet gesture to look for a favorite romantic book download, and save it to read aloud over dinner, or send it as a favorite as a gift, right to your love’s device. (Also, a good last-minute idea should you need one. Still. No judging.)

Here are some of our favorite classic romantic works that you can download straight to your ereader today–or send as a very romantic, high-tech gift.


Love Poems by Pablo Neruda | Cool Mom Tech
Love Poems, by Pablo Neruda
This collection of romantic poems will make your heart skip a beat, if you’re into poetry, that is. Neruda has a way with words that you just don’t run across every day. Forget 50 Shades; read this instead.
$10.49, for Nook
$1.99, for Kindle


Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte ebook | Cool Mom Tech
Wuthering Heights, by Emily Bronte
One of the most classic Gothic romance novels, but way more emotionally complicated than the relatively simple Jane Austen fare (although I do love Mr. Darcy). This novel is about an impossible love between the darkly maligned Heathcliff and the complicated Catherine and if you haven’t read it since 11th grade English, it’s time to give it a go again.
$3.49, for Nook
Free, for Kindle


Shakespeare's Love Sonnets ebook | Cool Mom Tech
Love Poems and Sonnets, by William Shakespeare
This beautifully illustrated volume of Shakespeare’s love poems will have you feeling romantic quicker than you can say, “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” I’d love to have this ready and waiting for me on my phone’s Kindle app to remind me of my sweetheart when I need a little cheering up.
$10.49, for Nook
$9.99, for Kindle

The History of Love by Krauss ebook | Cool Mom Picks
The History of Love 
by Nicole Krauss
This novel  takes place over 60 years and follows several different storylines. Even though it is a heady book about lost love, if you are open to deeper fare, it may become one of your favorite love stories.
$9.99 for Nook
$8.52 for Kindle


Aimless Love by Billy Collins | Cool Mom Tech
Aimless Love by Billy Collins
if Shakespeare is a little dated for you, Billy Collins, the former US Poet Laureate,  is my favorite living poet today. His works are deeply touching, but also fun. He never takes himself too seriously, but he’s respectful of the daily rhythms of life and if you’re not familiar with his poetry this is a perfect place to start. In this volume, I suggest reading Today. It’s just lovely.
$13.99 for Nook
$11.47 for Kindle

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