When we recently moved to Long Island, I was a little overwhelmed with the town names — places like Setauket, Ronkonkoma, and Hauppauge all led to some pretty comical auto-corrects on my smart phone. If only I had had the Adaptxt keyboard app for Android, I would have saved so much time changing Hall Pass back to Hauppauge.

The Adaptxt 3.0 smart keyboard app promises to understand more about what you are typing,  predicting not only what you want to type currently but what you might be typing next. It’s all based on more than a dictionary or commonly used words, but on your current location, the language you speak (up to 75 supported right now), who you communicate with, the apps you are running, and even your profession. Whoa.

Adaptxt might not make for funny auto-corrects, but it does save a lot of time during a busy day.

Adaptxt Keyboard App Learning | Cool Mom Tech

When you are talking about a specific location, the Adaptxt keyboard will correct or predict your text based on nearby street names, landmarks and relevant addresses. And if you are in a specialized industry, you will be thrilled to know that it has industry specific add-on dictionaries for fields like Finance, Law, Medicine, and IT.

In other words, an attorney’s Prima Facie will no longer be converted to Prime Favor.

And because it gets to you know you specifically, if you are the person who sends a lot of texts with misspelled expletives in them, it’s going to correct it to the real thing as it gets to know you (and your potty mouth).

One thing you will want to pay attention to is the user agreement. This keyboard obviously looks at a whole lot of your data in order to work. The setup alerts you to the fact that it will be collecting some of your data, and if you are concerned about that, dig deeper before you download.

The Adaptxt 3.0 is available now in Beta, and available for Android devices by joining its Google+ community and clicking on the download beta link on the community page. Then, just follow the set-up wizard to get started. The app is free but there are add-ons and customization features that come as in-app purchases.